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Prepare your mental health for the school year ahead

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Prepare your mental health for the school year ahead

Loveable Tricks
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Start the new year with a clear and happy head.

Your mental health can be a powerful tool, or it can be your worst enemy and you deserve to have the best school year. To help you have the best school year, this workbook is filled with information about how to prepare for the new year, begin your journey on accountability and show you how to journal for your mental health.

Whether you are in the first year of high school, or junior school for some of you, or first year of University/College/Tafe, this workbook will help you to understand how to better prepare your mental health.

This workbook is comprised of 7 sure-fire, tried and true ways to make sure you have the best mental health year ahead. With areas such as preparation, accountability, journaling, check-ins, affirmations and how-to's to improve your mental health on bad days.

Even better, I have created three versions of this workbook so you have the ease of either filling it out digitally, printing in the beautiful full-colour I intended it to be, or print it out in a more basic black and white that is toner friendly, after all, my main goal here is to help you improve your mental health.

Take a look at what others have said:

"Very relatable & thoroughly explained for anyone to understand. She gives a plan to implement habits one at a time to avoid the overwhelm of many new habits at once. Mental health is so important, and her mental health workbook covers many good tips on how to prepare and preserve it. It is extremely useful, and you can reuse it as necessary! 5 stars" - Marie M

"Every section broke down best practices and how to avoid overwhelm. It was very thorough and extremely helpful. I appreciate the time it must have taken to put this together! I wish I had this for myself when I was in school and recommend it to anyone who could use a little help when starting a new season. It really helps you put things in perspective and remember that you are capable even when things are hard" - Syrena S

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Comprised of 32 pages to help you prepare your mental health as well as help get your mental health back on track when you're feeling down, anxious or lonely.

Do you have trouble staying positive?
7 journaling entries, 1 accountability journal page and 10 ready-made affirmations all made to help you see the good things in your life right now.
Feel unsure how your first week went?
With check-ins for the first and second week as well as first month back at school, you'll be able to look back at your progress and wins.
Do you get anxious leading up to school with worry you've forgotten something?
Preparation checklists over 8 pages starting from the day you get this workbook, all the way up till the day before school.
Made by a fellow nervous nelly.
This workbook comes to you from a professional in the field of dealing with anxiety and depression through schooling years. Every part of this workbook is how I got through my Secondary and Tertiary years of schooling.


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